Drew Brophy #SurfLifestyle


translation to come "Nobody cares how good it is if it's not done"

Drew Brophy , le Godfather, le parrain, le chef. On...Read more

Marina's tuto


Posca vai com tudo

Marina shows us how to pain on a guitar. If you want to improve your technics, your portuguese...Read more

Marina Baggio :)


translation to come Arabesques & plaisir simple

Le Brésil est à l'honneur, une nouvelle fois. Marina Baggio est une artiste aussi à l'aise sur un mur, une...Read more

The Boneyard Project


translation to come it's a bird... it's a plane...

On ne laisse pas des avions dépérir sans en faire quelque chose, qui peut rapporter de l'argent de...Read more

Céline Chat #CostaRica 3/3


Art on the road

Perspectives Last part of Céline Chat 's Costa Rica vacation. She summed up her travel and meets, and wish them good...Read more

#Jacques #phonochose


Music, thingies & more

French electronic musician Jacques is more than weird. Not only because he has the craziest haircut you can...Read more

#LostintheSwell Gabon teaser


Lost in Gabon

Watch out! This is the first taste of Aurel, Ewen and Ronan 's trip to Gabon . They spent a couple of...Read more

@OriginalPunx #Korea


펑크는 죽지 않았다.

Original Punk is a Korean artist, born and raised in Seoul . He's definitely living the Jim Phillips ...Read more

Céline Chat #CostaRica 2/3


Art on the road Pura Vida

Second episode of Céline Chat 's Costa Rica travel. She met several people and worked with...Read more

#LostintheSwell #Gabon| 3/3

[En attendant la web-serie, les trois Bretons de Lost in the Swell se sont confiés sur un blog mis en place par la marque Oxbow ,...Read more

Céline Chat #CostaRica 1/3


Art on the road Surfing, exploring and sharing in Costa Rica

Céline Chat , french surfer artist, just came back from a family trip to...Read more

#LostintheSwell #Gabon | 2/3

[En attendant la web-serie, les trois Bretons de Lost in the Swell se sont confiés sur un blog mis en place par la marque Oxbow, qui...Read more

#LostintheSwell #Gabon | 1/3



[Extrait] Les trois Bretons Ewen, Aurel et Ronan du collectif Lost in the Swell ont parcouru les côtes de l'Afrique de l'Ouest pour dénicher...Read more

@drewbrophy #FacebookLive


Music please!

Drew Brophy , the Godfather of surf custo, is more than connected. Always on the run, thinking of the next adventure,...Read more

Louis Lescure in Hawaii – 3/3


Artwork around

Lanikila is born and raised in the North Shore. He's 60 years old, well-known and appreciated by locals. Always with his bicycle and his...Read more

Music skit with Soy Panday


Saturday's music

Soy Panday did a mixtape for the skate website Jenkem . It's quiet, sometimes kinda loud, and another way to...Read more

Louis Lescure in Hawaï – 2/3


Explore, create, and let’s do it again

Roxzi Bokolas is a young multi-talented 20 year-old artist. Born in Toronto , Canada, then she moved to Boca Raton,...Read more

Louis Lescure in Hawaii – 1/1


Work & tourism

Louis Lescure is a rider, works for a roller association in Paris and likes to travel to Hawaii, where he's...Read more

Malarko X Globe


Harlequin's bike

Malarko Fernandez is a London based artist. From graffiti to sculpture, he broadens his creation capacities. Of course he's loyal...Read more

Surf artworks #contest


And the winners are...

Here comes the 5 winners of our Facebook custo contest ( only for France sorry ). They will get the...Read more

Nils' chapel


Holy surf

Nils Inne can't stop, he's always working on new projets for skateboard and surf companies or corporate stuff. End of...Read more