From B to W

Agathe Toman will be showing some works in the next few weeks, so let’s #focus on her activity for a bit. After we asked her for a formal introduction, here’s what she replied:

« I’m a 27-year-old French illustrator and painter and I’ve been living in Hossegor in the Southwest of France for 7 years, after growing up in Paris. I’m self-taught and have been drawing since I was 3 years old.

I mostly use Bic and Posca pens to work on small and big pieces, skateboards, surfboards, canvases or paper.

It is a conscious choice for me to work in just black and white. I focus on detail a lot as it enables me to come up with more organic, realistic images.

I’ve also co-founded a graphic arts and screen printing studio: Atelier A + F.

I like to sum up my activity in the following words : « Feelings, the kind of them that changes you and our life, positively or negatively. Each illustration and drawing I make stands for some kind of change, for better or worse ».

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