Master plan(e)

You don’t let a plane die just like that - at least not without making a move you’re bound to capitalize on a little bit. Hence the following, great idea.

The Boneyard Project was conceived and materialized by NYC art dealer Eric Firestone back in 2011, with a master plan.

See, in the US one may find dozens of junkyards for airplane remains from World War Two or earlier, making for just as many steel cemeteries. Some are touristic attractions, others are semi-forgotten - but they’re really all potential playgrounds.

A plane is intriguing enough at the airport, let alone in the middle of a desert with hundreds of others next to it.

Firestone took about 30 artists to a plane cemetery in Arizona so they could express themselves using wings and cockpits which as canvases aren’t so common. The steel carcasses were touched up and fixed a bit before turning into preys for colors by artists such as Aiko, Andrew Schoultz, Obey, Lee, Futura, Faile, or Roa from Belgium.

Now awaiting the second edition, really!