"Bubi?! this is ground control..."

Bubi Canal posted a couple of monthes ago a video on his Instagram with Posca. We asked him about it, and he said he had a deal with the company. So we sent more questions. Here comes the answer when we asked him to introduce himself:

« I’m Bubi Canal, a visual artist from Spain based in Brooklyn, New York. I work mostly with photography and video, using a primary color palette, found objects and various materials. I studied at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, focusing on photography and sculpture. »

_Why did you decide to be the main character of your art?

It comes very naturally to me – when I have an idea, sometimes it’s easier to work directly with my body. But when I do a portrait of someone else, I also see it as a self-portrait. My work is autobiographical.

_You use simple colors, empty spaces, it’s all about simplicity. And your art is conceptual, no so easy to understand...

My work has many layers and can have different meanings, depending on who looks at it and when. Always changing, my work has a life of its own.

As it comes from my heart, it reflects how I feel, who I am and what my interests are. I just want to let my essential being create freely.

  __You take elements from pop culture, and more. This seems related to memory, but not to other artists. Do you have a look at other artists' work?

I have been inspired by other artists, mostly when I was a student. Michael Jackson is the artist who inspired me the most as a kid. I’m very connected and interested in what other contemporary artists are doing, but now I’m mostly inspired by things outside of the art world.

I want to be inspired by everything around me. I get I lot of ideas from living in New York, just walking around is stimulating.

_I think your pictures could be oppressive, they are empty, characters are alone, kind of trapped...

I have always thought beauty is powerful…. When I look at the project Chrystelle, I think the character starts out being lost in a journey – looking for something – and she discovers an even better place.

"I wish I could be a superhero."

_Why do you use primary colors only?

I use these colors simply because they speak to me. When it comes to materials, I sometimes think I find them or they find me. It’s all about intuition and emotion.

_I like the fact that kids could enjoy your pictures, do you think about it making them?

I’ve never worked with children, but while I was making one of my pieces, my friend Colleen stopped by the studio with her son Adrian and he really liked what I was doing. I trusted his opinion the most.

Picasso said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

_How your work is received in the USA? And Spain?

I feel very thankful for the support I’ve received in both countries. When I first moved to the U.S. nobody knew me, now it feels like home. I have been influenced by the culture of both countries.

Growing up in Spain was beautiful, I was so lucky to be surrounded by talented, special people. My parents always allowed me to express myself freely and I really appreciate that. 

_To conclude, are you a superhero?!

I wish I could be a superhero. I really believe in the potential and power of every being. I love how Alejandro Jodorowsky puts it – one person alone can’t change the world, but they can initiate change.