After a quick focus about Chanti, here comes an interview with her and pictures of her work.

_Could you explain what happened to you when you were young, and how travelling was important...

As a teenager I was always watching this successful television program called Reports of a journey around the world by Boudewijn Büch. He was a Dutch writer, poet and television personnality who travelled all around the world to show and give his views on various places, people and phenomena.

This appealed to me so much that I decided to go to Norway on my own at the age of sixteen. I traveled through this country by train and was amazed by this beauty of nature and lovely people. After I became hooked of traveling and challenged myself to visit and stay longer at other beautiful countries. Travel expands perspective and inspires enthusiasm. You return home different.

_Could you relate these travels to your art today?

Yes, absolutely! I'm truly inspired by all my travels around the world: culture, religions, ancient patterns, nature and surf.

_How yoga, art, writing, travel and surf could be linked?

We all have different activities that draw us closer to our "divine", that bring us into space of receptivity, whether it's yoga, surfing, drawing and traveling. For me it's important to take that time every day to empty out, plug in and be receptive to the messages we receive.

Many are called though few respond. However I feel truly blessed to combine all my activities while I'm traveling. To live fully in this present moment when I meditate, draw, write or trying to catch a wave. 

_You had been sick a couple of years ago, could you explain how it change your way of life? and what things were important to cure?

In 2013, I was diagnosed with cancer and to keep and feel myself literally alive I decided to start again with a secret love of mine: art. Art became my meditation and cure. It  has changed my life in many ways and my approached to future.

It has given me an opportunity to start living life through a new lens of gratitude. Being thankful for a new day, another opportunity to continue on my journey and trying to make the best of every moment.

"I'd rather call myself not an artist, but a creator by nature. Though without my beloved ones I wouldn't be here. They are my true inspirations indeed and teach me to be grounded yet following my dreams. Time will tell me what's my next dream will be."

Pics by Marie-Therese Pfisterer.