Frenchies and the lost island

Three friends from Brittany decided to brave the world, waves and Indian ocean. Armed with surfboards, they left to discover something else, far, far away...

Aurélien, Ronan et Ewen are ready. Ready to change their lifes. They gonna leave for a month, and will spend 23 days on a empty, really empty, island, in the heart of Indonesia. Starving, attacked by rain and varans, snake and crabs to eat, the struggle gonna be hard... But they'll keep smiling until the end!

Ronan is the one who film and take care of the stuff, Aurélien and Ewen are trying to surf when they'arent fhishing or cleaning water. Be sure that they will succeed to go back to Brest, almost alives! Through this movie, Des Iles Usions - a playword about island that means desillusion -, the three buddies share with you an intimate adventure, more than a travel, it's a piece of their lives. You only need about one hour, seat done in a couch, the take off is now!


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