Young Nowo

DrawNowo is nothing short of effervescent as far as social media activity goes, but we’ve been lagging and struggling to catch up. Now’s the time.

Work and willpower pay off - at least that’s a conclusion one can’t help but draw upon looking at this young artist’s progression. From New Zealand to the Stade Toulousain, his pieces get around, and noticed. Nowo’s into sports and rap music, and those fields aren’t without giving back. Here’s some info he just sent our way:

"My name is Thomas Nowotarski also known as Nowo and, more specifically, DrawNowo.

I’m a 22-years-young self-taught artist turning my passions - sports, rap music, anime and comics - into creations. I have a background in studying economics and currently am on my second year studying fine arts in Lille.

I was born in Tourcoing which is where I first took up drawing alongside my father and my grandfather. My uncles were always watching anime on TV, thereby making Dragon Ball Z a personal bible of mine as well as my main source of inspiration. After growing up in the north of France, then in Paris, it is now in French Burgundy that I am fine-tuning my little universe - near Auxerre.

Working on refining my drawing style, I notably open up on social media, where my works have been shared by rap artists such as Nekfeu, Screw, Eff Gee, Doums, Bigflo et Oli, Disiz... Then followed by athletes such as Mathieu BastareaudLuka KarabaticMarquinhos and even the All Blacks!

As of now, I am Stade Toulousain’s official illustrator (and looking forward to some nice projects with them throughout 2017); I’m also regularly asked by the French Rugby Federation to draw the next flyers for upcoming games involving the France national rugby union team.

Upon all those sports-related requests, french TV show « Rencontre à XV » recently did a subject about me, I’ve also exhibited pieces at the Jean Bouin stadium in Paris, and at By My Car Rivoli with BMW where I got to customize the hood of an X5.

As far as Posca are concerned, they are one of the tools I like to use the most whilst creating, most notably customizing objects such as skateboard decks, walls, tables, canvases, cars… Working on paper, I’ll mix Posca pens with other techniques. I especially like using the black and white pens to give my shading more depth. Here’s some instances of drawings that aren’t customizations where this technique is most evident, as well as the article about me published by french sports newspaper, L’équipe.

À bientôt.

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