« My name is Filippo Fiumani aka LE MANI. I am 26 years old, I come from Osimo, Italy, I work as a freelancer on different level of design, product & graphic-design, video, illustration and art -. I love food, surfing, skating and of course drawing! »

Filippo is more than a simple artist, he could build new object, and he likes to think about the future of Art. We had a chat with him about his way to create...

* How did you get into drawing?

I got into drawing thanks to graffiti and street art. When i was 14 I started to work on designing font on walls, then i have been experimenting many techniques like stencil, free hands draws, digital works, brushes, spray etc. I think i don't have a special piece, it was more about the moment i was sharing with people to inspire me. Every time we were going to paint was the same routine: skate-parks & sprays!

* You have a skateboard and surf background, do you have any references from these cultures?

Skateboarding was an important influence at the beginning. I was a lot into the Punk Rock scene, so i used to draw harder stuff. When I started surfing, things changed, I got into a Garage Rock scene which is easy going. So I would say from the world of skating, I have been influenced by the graphics of many tattoo artists and from the surfing world I found my references on the draws of Reg Mombassa, Thomas Campbell and Ray Barbee.

* Do you think surf and skateboard are a way to become creative? how did you experience it?

I think that skateboarding and surfing are a way to become creative, I believe those two sports created an anthropological movement, skaters are the new architects of the cities, surfers are people who live the Nature, and we are deeply in love with it. So each one of the two tribes is deeply connected with environment, which is also the main inspiration for me.

* You are italian, how italian culture influence your work?

I have been influenced a lot by historical and holy italian images, from many and different artists. Leonardo is for sure a great artist that is still inspiring me a lot. And not just on drawing, also by the way he used to get involved on his projects.

The most important artists for me are: Giuseppe Arcimboldo - historical italian painter that inspired me a lot - Reg Mombassa - australian designer from Mambo Brand -, Jim Philipps - designer from Santa Cruz brand -, Calvet - french artist - and Pietro Sedda - italian tattoo artist -.

* And what do you like to draw?

I love to tell stories using my drawings, I like to do that using easy and simple drawings, inside other drawings. I am really happy when i can do that. For me, the best way to do is designing a human figure, and fill it up with stories into the body.

* Could you explain what is Le Mani concept?

Le Mani is a research project on visuale art's new forms. I started to look for new techniques of drawing and I end it up building a new type of pen. This object turned into a pen that draw embossed lines on paper. So you could feel the lines when drawing.

This pen is called Le Mani - which means "hands" in italian -, could be pretty useful for blind people. Touching the lines could let them understand a drawing.

* How do you find out that? 

I discover the capacity on the prototypes i built, and I worked for 6 months non-stop with a really passionate and curious way to face the project. I decided to involve into this specific type of art because it's helpful and new.

* To conclude, how do you mix surfing and drawing?

For me it's kind of a perfect session. I love to surf, go back home and draw for a couple of hours or more. I like to feel my body relaxed by the water and my mind so clear. I think surfing is the perfect introduction to spend time drawing!