“Yooooo, I am Follow-d, a 28 year old graphic designer by day and artist by night. I reside in a small town called Hemel Hempstead, just north of London. A lover of the light, shape, pattern, tunes and being bussssssy!”

Artist and English, Duncan Hastie likes to paint and transcend art. He could travel far away, meets cultures and being soon after on a beach to draw on a surfboard for the GromSearch...

* What was your first step into drawing?

I grew up within a home environment where creativity was definitely encouraged, so drawing endeavors came pretty quickly and naturally to me. Whether it was doodling on school exercise books, painting models or creating my own takes on skateboard brands. From an early age I just wanted to create and decorate.

* It seems you are into geometric and forms, what do you like about that?

To me, form is everything. The overall shape is key to my work and the pattern and fill come secondary to that, almost as a skin. I try to imagine how a pattern could be applied to everything I come into contact with, you could say I'm obsessed with this. I feel that geometric forms and patterns are the most honest and natural way for me to draw, but also reflect my perfectionist nature and ambition to create clean but intricate shapes.

When I’m drawing, patterns seem to just flow and I truly believe this is how I was meant to draw. It gives my work depth and an intricacy that is really satisfying and hopefully intriguing to viewers. I am forever working on relationships between different shapes and am currently building on a library of forms that I have drawn. I fall in and out of love with either creating space, or adding more and more to already complicated pieces. But this is just part of my style and developing my direction.

I love how people can look into my work and keep discovering more lines and intricacies.

* Are you into geography too?

Different countries and cultures fascinate me. A recent trip to Mexico really effected my outlook, and therefore my work. Mexico's ancient history and culture was unbelievable to witness in the flesh, it is full of spiritualism and aesthetical beauty. It is a place full of unique shapes and patterns that have definitely both subconsciously and consciously made there way into my work… things that are exotic always make their way into my work.

What is cooler than epic landscapes with temples and bizarre nature? I hope that one day I will be able to absorb more of this and am always dreaming of creating and sharing my work around the globe.

"There is something fascinating about
not revealing everything to an audience."

* You draw a lot of mystical and religious symbols, do you have any beliefs?

My vision is to always put an element of mysticism into my work and to create something that is not immediately readable. There is something fascinating about not revealing everything to an audience. I have a real interest in all ancient civilisations and the symbols and imagery surrounding them.

My own symbology can be interpreted in many ways. I see it as if it is an unknown and otherworldly language that people may think comes from an ancient or even futuristic time or place. The only beliefs that I have are based on my own life experiences, the wisdom of people that are close to me and knowing myself what is right and true.

However there are certain beliefs in for example the Myan culture surrounding the universe and the human condition, that I find profoundly interesting and totally possible.

* Green and blue are the main colors you are using, why these ones?

These colours I am definitely drawn to and this is evident in other parts of my life such as my clothing - right now I'm wearing pastel turquoise socks - and even interiors in my house. However, colour ways for me don't have a specific meaning. Colours are chosen by what I feel is appropriate at the time, and green and blues have just been the ones in recent times!

Really it's any colour that makes what I'm depicting look even a slight bit transcendent and abstract. Though for the last 2 years I have been obsessed with the fresh pastels and greys on deep dark backgrounds. I really like how this combination allows me to achieve clear contours and real depth.

* You focus on animals too...

Animals and humans a like have forms and character like nothing else, so to draw them is simply great fun. Depicting exotic animals and things that aren't so familiar to people in Britain I feel can brighten up people's days, especially my work on the street! I think applying my style to nature can elevate the animal into an almost god like depiction… and that's just real fun getting people to see animals in that way.

* What's being an artist for you?

An artist for me is someone that has an unwavering passion for what they create. Never take yourself too seriously…that's important to produce honest work. Create work for yourself, expressing what you truly feel and share it with world. It's not about proving yourself as an ‘artist’, it's about observing, exploring, creating, developing, sharing and living. This is life.