Surfing for 60 years in Biarritz

One big event may hide another. TheIsa World Surfing Games will be go down next week in Biarritz, May 20th to 28th. It will host the National World Championship (featuring 200 surfers from 40 countries), but also mark the anniversary of surfing in that city.

Indeed, Biarritz has been the major city in France (if not Europe) for surfing for 60 years now, with its trademark waves.

In order to celebrate such special times, Posca adds to the patchwork by organizing creative workshops involving the following local artists:

- Lundi 22 / mardi 23> Charlie Philippon - 14h/16h30

- Jeudi 25 > Nils Inne - 10h/12h30 & 14h/16h30

- Dimanche 28 > Delwood - 10h/12h30

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