Skateboard in Ouganda

Roule Petit Ougandais is an association under the law 1901 based in Toulouse. Jean-Claude Geraud is the initiator and founder, a good skater himself and native from the Ivory Coast where he’s previously lived. He’s actively involved promoting the local scene, and is willing to travel to promote his project. He’s regularly alongside Lucas Puig, one of the most known French skaters abroad.

In 2012, Jean-Claude comes across Yann Gross’ photographs of Uganda. The Swiss photographer had travelled several times to Kitintale and had captured the first moments of the kids on skateboards. These pictures went viral and travelled the world. From a country where the streets aren’t perfectly paved, the pictures were the start of the projects and things fell into place.


Wanting to help, Jean-Claude contacts Yann who redirects him to the local associations USU - Uganda Skateboard Union - and Ugandaskate Boarderassociation. David Kizza Muribu becomes his main contact and regularly updates him on the situation and the different needs.

With the project starting up, ideas roll in. Knowing that the only way to make things move is to send money, Jean-Claude’s objective is to raise money to send material on site and set up strong ties with the locals. Corruption and mishandling being very frequent, he can’t send anything directly. A nice large parcel is needed!



Local skate shops are contacted and brands help the young man out. Supra, Krew, Vans, as well as Oklahoma, Guest and Official will unfailingly help out by passing on info and providing boards and shoes.

To help materialize the project, Jean-Claude sets up an exhibition and charity auction of skateboards customized by over 30 artists. Môt, Supakitch, Alex Fernandez, Little Madi, Tilt, Lenz accept, and the exhibition is held at the Agama Gallery in the town center. It’s an immediate success, and with boards sold on EBay, 5000 Euros are raised. Money that will be invested for the first large parcel.

Jean-Claude is already thinking ahead, he’s now setting up an exhibition in Paris. He wants to send photographic equipment to the Ugandans, for them to take pics and enable the project to be more visible and active new support.

This new project is also being set up on location, to access these future professionals and through an activity become worldwide, build a bridge between the cultures and differences.