"Hi, I’m Loch Ness. I’m an illustrator from Bristol, UK and creator of little monsters."
Loch Ness  was painting the surfboard on the Watergate bay GromSearch stop.
Here comes more about his strange world...

* How did you get in touch with drawing?

I’m actually self taught and have been drawing since I was a child. The only qualification in art was an A/S level in Art & Design at College. Since then I’ve just been doodling everyday.

* What were inspirations back in the days?

Inspiration can come to me at anytime or in random places. I live in Bristol which is a great place to discover new art and Artists. I can just step outside my flat I’ll be surrounded by great Graff pieces by incredible local artists. My inspiration also comes from comic art. I grew up on Marvel & DC Comics and was a big fan of Stan Lee. As I started getting older I was into Graphic Novels such as Tank Girl so I would say Jamie Hewlett was also an influence. Whenever I’m painting music also plays a big part in my work, I get inspiration from music from the 60’s/70’..

* How did you become Loch Ness?

I guess the name came from my upbringing in Scotland. I spent around 4-5 years growing in Glasgow since the age of 2. The name Loch Ness was chosen because at the time I got back into painting I dropped out of University and was working for the council. At that time I was putting up stickers/paste ups etc around the city and didn’t want them to know it was me. I didn’t hear of any other artist called Loch Ness so just decided to keep it.

* Is Nessy part of your life?

Yeah I guess it is part of my life now. But I try to keep the whole Nessy thing to one side of my life, and my personal life the other. Some people only recognise me by Loch Ness but my friends and family know the real person behind the monster.

* Do you think your imagination comes from tales like the Loch Ness monster?

In the way I want to create so called ‘mythical’ creatures, then I guess I do. I created Monsterville Island as a portal to all my characters. It’s has an army of characters that playfully disorientate you to a place that oozes a twisted harmony and Zen. I guess stories of UFO’s and the paranormal help enhance the imagination.

* How could you describe your own world?

Some may say that the worlds I draw in my illustrations represent me and my own world. If you look at the pieces at a distance you may see a happy and colourful world. But if you look closer you see that the illustrations can be quite dark.

* You are using a lot of things to create, even computer, what is your favorite?

Yeah, I started with the basic pencil/ink and paper. I then started painting more but it wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I started getting into using computer software. I now use alot of spray paints in my pieces and guess that gives me the ability paint on bigger canvases and walls. Painting freehand gives you more freedom than doing things digitally so I that would be my favourite.ent.

* You are part of crews, with SPzero 76, it's important to collaborate for you?

I’m a member of a crew called Cretin Collective. The members include SPzero76, Paul Monsters, Dom W and Bill Giles. Whilst working with these guys you get to learn new techniques and skills that you can use with your own pieces. Collaborating with any artist is like that really. Everyone has their own way of doing things so picking up hint and tips is a great way of self developm