Amid the whales

[In addition to the upcoming web series of video clips, the three Lost In The Swell adventurers have been recounting stories on a blog hosted by the brand Oxbow, which has been helping them out for their Gabon adventures.]

[Excerpt] "Around the beginning of our trip, we stayed in the village of Mayumba, in the south of the country, for a few days. From the beach, we could see humpback whales constantly jumping out of the water in the distance - already a brillant spectacle but still, we felt like getting closer to it, so we went down to the laguna where we met a Beninese fisherman who offered to take us to the spot.

The next morning, in the eternal company of our trustworthy stand-up paddle board, we left in order to get closer to the whales; and after 30 minutes of sailing, we got to catch glimpses of them, swimming up north in real choreographies, either slapping the surface using their flippers or jumping out of the water, the splash back into it one could hear from a distance of several kilometers!"