Paradis perdu / Lost Paradise, the movie

Off we go! A series of premieres has just been announced regarding the new movie by Lost In The Swell’s Ewen, Aurélien and Ronan: « Paradis Perdu » / « Lost Paradise ». Those beautiful souls went biking around on a surfing trip all across Gabon. The resulting movie will be screened in many different cities across France, and while the list of dates isn’t set in stone yet, we’ll update the website as soon as we get more news from these guys.

For now, though, you can still go through all the previous articles we’ve made about their crew before, watch their videos again and look up everything about this great trio who likes sharing the fun. Cheers!


BREST - vendredi 10 mars

BORDEAUX - 17 mars

PARIS - jeudi 23 / vendredi 24 mars

CHERBOURG - samedi 25 mars

PERROS-GUIREC - jeudi 30 mars

GUIDEL - vendredi 31 mars

SAINT MALO - samedi 1 avril

NANTES - mardi 4 avril

ANGLET - vendredi 7 avril