Artwork around

Lanikila is born and raised in the North Shore. He's 60 years old, well-known and appreciated by locals. Always with his bicycle and his belongings, there is a great chance to see him near Pupukea foodland or by the food trucks of shark’s cove.

Constantly smiling, Lanikila does not have a traditional job or permanent residence. When he's not helping residents or local food trucks, Lanikila spends his time free to create. He customizes old skateboards, surfboards, bamboo sticks with his specialty, the tiki.

I met him one night at Foodland after a surf session. He was sitting in front of the store finishing up one of his pieces. When I saw his work I thought it was very interesting so within the next few days I went to see his artwork and we took a couple of pictures. Artwork that has Hawaiian sonority, which is seduced me, and I wanted to share it.

When I left, he gave me his email, to be sure to see what I says about our meeting! - Louis Lescure