Lanakila was born and raised in North Shore - he’s now sixty years old, renowned and liked by his peers.

Never without his bike and bags, you can run into him at the Pupukeaou store Foodland, near Sharks Cove.

Always all smiles, Lanakila doesn’t really work a job or rent a place. He’s way too busy letting creativity flow out of his physical self, then onto old skateboards, bamboo or really anything customizable for that. He seems to be way into tikis, the classic hawaiian totems, too; when he isn’t giving the local shopkeepers and restaurant owners a hand..

I met him in Foodland one evening after a surf session, he was trying to finish one of his pieces that I thought was really nice. We got along, and I got to see more of his works over the course of the next few days, which all had a very hawaiian touch to them that really resonated with me.

So we took the opportunity to shoot some photos, and as I was about to depart, he eventually age me his email saying he was looking forward to what I’d come up with. - Louis Lescure

[Before the wave of our web series hits, please note that the three folks of Lost in the Shell have been posting some insight over at their blow hosted by Oxbow, which has sponsored their Gabonese adventure.]