♪America, America♪

"Salut! Since we last caught up, I’ve been way on and about! The wife, dog and I have been driving across the east coast, all the way up from Miami to Boston. I’ve been hitting up many places on the way and had art shows in Miami, Naples, Tampa, Jacksonville, Charleston, Virginia Beach, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Providence, Boston and NYC.

I stayed in NYC for most of may, working on my exhibition with Sebo Walker at Harif Guzman’s gallery, Soho Arts Club. Crazy night, place was packed and even Gonz showed up, which was a really cool surprise!

Around late may, we took off to California, where I got to draw a large mural at Revolve, then visit the Grizzly headquarters to check out the final look of my latest collab with them.

I also spent an evening at Muska’s, where we discussed art and skateboarding for a while. Right now, Patrick O’Dell - of Epicly Later’d - is working on a documentary about his career. Yesterday, we left L.A. to go on a new road trip: we’ll be going through Palm Springs, Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, then Salt Lake City to work on a mural, after which we’ll head back to L.A. on the 24th for the premiere of DEVOTED, then an exhibition with Grizzly on the 30th. So in a nutshell, all is well! LB."