Lucas in America

We met Lucas Beaufort a few weeks back. He’s an artist whose works have graced the bottom of many a skateboard, through just about as many collaborations with a collection of brands, and that’s among other projects. He seemingly likes to draw exaggerated and weird characters, anywhere he’s asked to or really, wherever said characters want to be. He also just dropped a video documentary about skateboarding media in general, as though to better have you wonder: does the fellow ever sleep?

Now in the US to draw within and on the walls of a selection of skate shops, he just sent us a first recap of his trip thus far: "Salut les gars! Here’s an early recap of my trip along the east coast of the US. I first landed in Miami on April 12th, with the original intent of stopping by at the only legit skateshop in the vicinity: MIA, but it appears that it recently went just that, and under. So, yeah; I’m traveling with my wife, as well as our pug Grenouille [which is the French for « frog »]. We just went through Florida, stopping by in Naples, Tampa, Jacksonville, we also crossed Georgia and visited Savannah and Augusta (James Brown and Hulk Hogan’s hometown!).

As of now, we are in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s been four art shows in four skateshops thus far: The Boardr in Tampa, The Block in Jacksonville, Sweet Sticks in Augusta and Continuum in Charleston. Tomorrow, we’re taking a day off in Myrtle Beach. The feedback is amazing, people in the US are super down for the most part and I get a lot of support, everyone is all smiles, every day, stokes me out! Here are some photos for you to share on the Gram. Will get back to you next week. Going to Boston then I’ll be staying in NYC for a month to set up a big exhibition also involving Sebo Walker. Talk soon! Lucas Beaufort"