Higher, further

Artist and kitesurfer Arnone’s got ideas aplenty, never running out of imagination. Let’s catch up with him as he puts some life back into his tool of choice - a kitesurf - for just long enough as it takes to share some advice, and images, through this very how-to.

1: Clean your board using acetone or really any other solvent in order to do away with all possible grease stains.

2: Sand it down lightly using sandpaper to ensure the fresh paint will stick better.

3: Cover the edges of your board with tape, as to protect them.

4: Use the highest-covering spray paint possible to paint your board.

5: Let it air dry, apply a second layer if needed.

6: Once dry, sand down the excess paint and possible unwanted runs.

7: Use POSCA pens in order to add detail. You can also use mixed painting techniques (as illustrated in the video clip) for your decoration - then you should use acrylics.

8: Let everything air dry then spray varnish over your board for a good finish as well as protecting your creation from outside abuse, such as exposure to sand or transportation…

9: You’re good to go. Go ride! :)

More tips: Don’t forget to stay safe and gear up using gloves, mask, glasses; nor to also preserve your environment by recycling your waste! :)"