« I'mSmile, I'm from Lisbon, Portugal.
I am 28 years old, 14 years to paint. »

Smile is 100% graffiti devoted for years now. Working a lot, on the streets, but also for some companies, he was on the beach this summer to paint on a surfboard. Different material, another experience, here comes some few words about this portugese young man.

* How did you discover graffiti?

I discovered it through my cousin who already listen to rap and made drawings on his jeans. It was a lil' jump until I reach the wall.

* What was your first memory graffiti?

I remember to see the letters EXAS, who is a famous writer, that inspired me to be part of it.

* There was a lot of writers back then?


* You do commands and you have an artist work, how do you separate both?

I try to keep the same language although on some work, I can not apply my technique, this is a matter of thinking, it is a job and the other does not.

* What is the best for you: doing something free outside or working for a company?

I prefer painting in the street and what I want, and I like it. But this is not paying the bills, so I try to do both.

* What's inspiring?

Everything that surrounds me.

* What's next for you?

More work, more fun and a few personal projects! Stay tuned!