Follow-up on the video pertaining to the artist.

Soy Panday has been forwarding us a series of drawings under the title CONSCIOUS SUBCONSCIOUS. Three years of work worth of images blending together events, dreams and thoughts, punctuated by skate sessions, trips and fun with friends.

The series will be exhibited in Paris (then worldwide) sometime in 2017 and although we’re providing you with an exclusive early glimpse at the images, the detail and the lines are what really matter, so you’re going to have to see them by yourself in the flesh for a full immersion. Plus you’ll get to meet the artist who’s super into discussing, transmitting and theorizing. Great times for sure!

conscious subconscious



premier contact


origine inconsciente des fonctions de l'organisme

origine inconsciente de la pensée

rêve - origine divine et transmission pas l'inconscient
nature du rêve - potentialité de sur-être

Étude de Dieu

révélations 1 - nature vibratoire et structure de la réalité

excursion dans l'autre monde

vision de mère ayahuasca