The Zebra & the Hypercube



Artist Soy Panday doubles up as a professional skater - an activity he performs all over the world, from Israel to India, America to Eastern Europe, as well as Japan, all the while drawing a lot. A traveler to which continents barely hold any secrets anymore, who feeds off wordwide images & experiences to better nurture his work.

For the past 5 years, Soy has been the art director of french skate company Magenta, being in charge of everything graphic, from deck art to logos, ads and other variations on the imagery. A true whole body of work, making for a project that is simultaneously ambitious and personal, for the realization of which Soy is far from lacking any motivation - working like crazy everyday, responding to all his colleagues’ requests by the means of his craft.

Colors, shapes, Photoshop layers and hand-drawn lines no longer hold any secret to him. Furthermore, he has to make sure every board graphic is finely tailored to the image of each respective pro skater riding for the company, whilst keeping in mind the subsequent mass production process - a delicate compromise which has to be found, somewhere in between the personal relationship of the rider with its model and the established charts.

In the following video, Soy goes in depth about his process going for a drawing on a used skateboard he previously rode, to which he is going to grant a second life, thereby tackling the main subjects of his job as a graphist for Magenta in a nutshell: animals and geometry, also commenting on the reasoning behind his choices.