"Surboard as canvas, waves as easel."

"Surf Artworks" is a book about surf, culture and art. It's a collaboration between Posca and magazine Surf Session (FR). Julien Roulland, former main editor of Surf Session, is the author of this work.

The first part is about history, and how people grabbed a surfboard to change it to a lifestyle, then a subculture. It's from the beginning to these days, via Hawaii and Polynesia. The second part is about artists, their art, drawings and ways of life. Andrew Brophy, Eduardo Bolioli, Céline Chat the quiet Frédérique Seyral and many more give explanations. Last but not least a large part is pictures, customizations, surfboards and lifestyle.

This book is the first one to relate to you a new story about these long boards, users and waves around the world.

Surf Session magazine