Toshy is actually from The Netherlands, and worked on the surfboard at the Newquay stop of the GromSearch. Here comes some infos about this artist who loves women.
Kind of saucy Posca user...

* How was growing up in the 70's / 80's in Nederland?

It was really fun! For me it all started in the 80's with breakdance music, the beginning of house music and graffiti. I remember psychedelic acid house record covers, video-projections and the videoclips of Madonna, Duran Duran and Michael Jackson.

I remember the art of Roy Lichtenstein and Jeff Koons. It influenced my creativity. The mixed-up sample style of Eboman was a big inspiration for me. Live sampling with videos, photos, sounds and texts was special. This guy Eboman was a big hit for me. 

* How did you get into graffiti?

At first, I saw the movie Style Wars on Dutch television. The next day I went to a shop to get spraycans and started graffiti in the streets of The Netherlands. There was a tough scene and there were a lot of rivals, but not for me. I worked solo and wasn’t part of a graffiti group. 

I communicated a lot with other graffiti artists with texts on walls. Actually it was like a Facebook timeline: “Hey I skip class today and will go to a bar, see you there! Toshy”. Besides the daily messaging I also painted pieces and tags at night. After a while I started to win contests and earned money with graffiti.


* Who were the artist that inspired you?

My father is also creative and I guess his art influenced and inspired me without knowing it. In general creative people like Gaudi, Lichtenstein, Erwin Olav, Misha Klein, Jeff Koons inspired me.

* How important was calligraphy back then?

Back then graffiti groups asked me to design the puppets for their big pieces and not the text. "We’ll do the text and you’ll do the puppets, cause thats what you do best!" So the text part wasn't that important. Besides that I loved to practice tagging and I thing that the beginning of my style. I have to say I don’t care about calligraphy, my art is about messages to the world and I use my different tag styles. 

For me calligraphy has less emotion. In calligraphy, every letter or word have to be right, precise and exactly how it should be. My tag style is completely different. I mix up styles, uppercase, lowercase and I even blend letters. I don't think about creating letters, I write and the text style shows up. 

* Do you always have messages when you had words and sentences in your work?

Yes, but now my messages are more important. I like to write about the subjects: "Believe in yourself, not to judge others and that everything is possible."

* What the best thing you like to draw?

The best thing to use in my art are women. Photoshoots, drawings, stories, odes... women. When people ask me “Why women?” I answer them: “How would a world without women look like?” 

* On which thing is the best to draw and why?

A Porsche 911 Club Coupe Exclusive Edition! This car has perfect curves.

* You travel a lot, how did you end up working for Posca in UK?

Last year, I won the international Posca contest at the Upfest Festival in Bristol, then Posca took me to Newquay to do some live surfboard painting. It was a really nice trip and most fun was to inspire young surf girls and boys to paint their boards. 

One of my other best memories was my trip to Barcelona. I did some canvas painting in collaboration with the erotic Erika Lust, their office, hospitality and enthusiasm made it a trip never to forget.

* "The world is your stage" is your motto, could you explain that?

My art is all about messages and hidden messages. With my message “The world is your stage” I want to make people realize that if you want something in life, you can reach out and grab it. There are plenty of possibilities and the world is big enough to get there. I’m already taking my stage!