Young, furious & free

Bilal Berreni was Zoo Project, a very young street artist from Paris and - very unfortunately - the eventual victim of a murder in Detroit, United States of America, back in 2013.

Throughout his career, he had painted hundreds of walls within the capital - almost all gone now -, each and every one of them in black and white as though he couldn’t even consider nuances in color. Giant murals with strong meanings, and a pertinent message; his take on our world as perceived through his eyes, with its quirks, biases and injustice. 

Zoo Project always remained free: no gallery owner to ever get in the way of his business, no branding, no press people anywhere near him. Just his personal frenzy as bluntly expressed through his pieces and curated by nothing but his savoir-faire.

His relatives recently took it upon themselves to try and relive his body of work, under the form of a book series compiling the entirety of it, notably intended for the french public librairies, as well as cinema broadcasts of C'est assez bien d'être fou, the documentary directed by Antoine Page. A very beautiful (and just as ambitious) enterprise, well deserving of the spotlight.

Please find all the info you need on the Ulule website.