dDash #actu


News from dDash - translation to come

JB Hanak, soit dDash , le musicien, le jeune artiste, le dessinateur vient de terminer une tournée triomphale au Japon...Read more

Éric Liot @Hellfest #2017


TRANSLATION TO COME -- Bruit, fureur & custo

L'artiste Éric Liot travaille depuis 1990. Un vieux de la vieille comme on dit ! Son...Read more

Le vélo Black & White


translation to come - En noir et en blanc

Mikk du collectif de Grenoble Black & White Zulus a une nouvelle fois frappé. Il s'en...Read more

POSCA vai com tudo #skate


translation to come Partout, pour tous

On a déjà parlé de Alfeu Mantovani , il dessine, et fait des tatouages, il est très actif et Brésilien...Read more

Piper plane


My plane & me

German artist Costwo let us know he worked on a plane too . He has had the...Read more

#BoneyardProject Kenny Scharf



Kenny Scharf was here in the 80's, along with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring . They were suppose to be the...Read more

Marina's tuto


Posca vai com tudo

Marina shows us how to pain on a guitar. If you want to improve your technics, your portuguese and...Read more

Marina Baggio :)


translation to come Arabesques & plaisir simple

Le Brésil est à l'honneur, une nouvelle fois. Marina Baggio est une artiste aussi à l'aise sur un mur, une guitare,...Read more

The Boneyard Project


translation to come it's a bird... it's a plane...

On ne laisse pas des avions dépérir sans en faire quelque chose, qui peut rapporter de l'argent de surcroît...Read more

@OriginalPunx #Korea


펑크는 죽지 않았다.

Original Punk is a Korean artist, born and raised in Seoul . He's definitely living the Jim Phillips colorful...Read more

@drewbrophy #FacebookLive


Music please!

Drew Brophy , the Godfather of surf custo, is more than connected. Always on the run, thinking of the next adventure, the...Read more

Malarko X Globe


Harlequin's bike

Malarko Fernandez is a London based artist. From graffiti to sculpture, he broadens his creation capacities. Of course he's loyal to...Read more

Surf artworks #contest


And the winners are...

Here comes the 5 winners of our Facebook custo contest ( only for France sorry ). They will get the ...Read more

Pablito Zago #focus


Off the walls

Pablito Zago is a french street artist, and murals are his favorite activity. Big and huge, he likes to throw colors on walls, around...Read more

@DrawNowo #focus



DrawNowo est ultra actif sur les réseaux sociaux, mais on a pris du retard et nous n'avons pas traité l'affaire en temps...Read more

#TheGoldenRabbit #Collapse


Hands & drawings

Rude , Bichon , Easy Sacha , Leny Tufsey , SebInkme , Jean-Fi Burton , Delphie , Gary , Leny and Akir worked on skateboards,...Read more

#Posca #Mario #gripjob


Mario skate

Illustrator JP Coovert visits youtuber and skater Andrew Shrock to draw Mario on a skate griptape. The famous plumber got...Read more

@matdisseny #update


Terni, Italie

Theses are pictures from the last Matdisseny's exhibition at Caos museum in Terni, Italy . We talked about him a couple...Read more

Diego Lau Toyosato


It's happening in Peru

Diego Lau Toyosato is an artist from Peru. He loves to play. And draw. That's why he customizes Lego characters his own way...Read more

@FlordePampi #Update


air - fire - water - earth

Flor has been a winner of our GromSearch contest few years ago. We wanted an update about...Read more

Surf Custo #magazine


Tutorials & explanations by Nils & Aurélien

We just put out a new collab with Surf Session magazine: a tutorial magazine called ...Read more