Julien Deniau #Update

Julien / Unavista tries a new way. After stylized animals, he's working on a new series of...Read more



Even in Reunion island!

Celin sent us a message, she's desperate cause she can't enter our new contest on Facebook , although if...Read more

Surf Custo #teaser

Another surprise! Read more

Con Eduardo Bolioli


With Eduardo, on boards...

Eduardo sent us an email a couple of years ago to tell us his personal experience with Poscas. Probably...Read more

Donkey Kong Shalik


Shalik Kong

Donkey Kong is a classic video game of the 80's. A mean gorilla, trying to crush Jumpman (today known as Mario)...Read more

Jason Woodside #focus


Collages, patterns & lines

Jason Woodside lives in New York city , escaped from New Jersey. Artist with an identifiable style, he uses colors and patterns as...Read more

Helmets & colors


Safety first!

Drawing on motorcycle helmets is a must. Lots of artists like to work on them and their curved surface. But you have to get technics and...Read more

Wood circle


Circle boards

Christopher Chann is a skateboarder, and Youtuber. Kinda funny hobbies. He's smiling, and always brings new ideas for his pastilles. This one is an hommage to...Read more

Bibkel #focus


Menagerie and more

Bibkel is a real street artist. I remember him on seaside working on little canvas. Now, he works on his own place, and you...Read more

Jr Lucas SurfArt #focus


Brasil for ever!

Jr Lucas is from Capão da Canoa , Brasil , as you can hear when he speaks. He's this kind...Read more



Color Yamaha

When Yamaha bike company, famous designer Pascal Pasky Bayle and champion pilot Cédric Soubeyras ...Read more

Airset / R7


Style of life

Airset / R7 was living in Paris for a while, he's now back to his roots: Rouen, Normandy. Here he is working on...Read more

T. Marsh #focus


Rides & lights

Tim Marsh is hyperactive. He draws on skateboards and surfboards, on walls, on numerous items. He likes to take pictures too, especially athletes in...Read more

@freugomes #gripjob


Psy skate

Freud Gomes comes from Sao Paulo , Brazil , and he's definitely a really good skateboarder. But he's an artist too, he can do geometrical...Read more

Bérengère Hilaire #focus


artist & more

Bérengère Hilaire is a french artist, and her work is to push others to create. She teaches art to kids, to open their minds...Read more

Jakob Bredahl #focus


Made in Danmark

Jakob is a young artist from Danmark . It's not easy to find informations about him, cause we can't read danish text. Here comes...Read more

@nilsinhomeireles #focus


Brasil, Brasil

@nilsinhomeireles is Nilson Meireles . He draws and surfs, and living under the sun gives him smile. Nilson likes to paint surfboards, and life seems...Read more




Benoit Jammes is a more than 30 years old graphist and artist. From Paris, France. Once his K7 player failed, it was...Read more



Pop pop culture

Jonny / Nathan has a passion: to draw on skateboards. We do not know much about him, it seems he's around Spain, and he likes...Read more

Jordan Serpentini


Radical Ragical

Jordan Serpentini is a young skateboarder from Ohio , and she decides to move to Hawaii for a better weather, and school too. Ohio is...Read more

Reservoir Fluor


Two wheels and reservoirs

Victor / Fluor is doing a lots of things lately. From BMX to bikes, he's into two wheels items. He has...Read more