#LostintheSwell S03.2E04


Fury road

translation to come

Fourth episode below. Aujourd'hui, c'est dépense et recherche d'énergie, fruits et légumes et 800 bornes pour récupérer de...Read more

Elzo Durt 2003 -> 2016


Colored chaos

Elzo is a famous belgian artist. Rock 'n' roll worker, close to french music label Born Bad , he's known for...Read more

#LostintheSwell S03.2E03


Translation to come Bambi's left (hyper sharky!)

Dans ce nouvel épisode, Ewen et Aurélien se paient une grosse session de surf, jusqu'à épuisement. Ensuite, le groupe...Read more

#LostintheSwell S03.2E02


Survival lesson

TRANSLATION TO COME --- Deuxième épisode de Paradis Perdu . Le trio et leur guide, Anicet , arpentent la plage, à la recherchent...Read more

#LostintheSwell S03.2E01


This is Gabon

Aurélien , Ronan and Ewen are proud to show us their new movie : The last paradise . It's somewhere in Africa, and...Read more

#NPYCUP #Cauterets #2017


Pyrénées' meeting

The N'PY CUP will be only a week-end this year: march 25-26. A family meeting and more, in Cauterets . Plus, you could...Read more

#Starlefilm #vod #03avril


Everybody watching!

Star , an ambitious fiction movie about writing will be available on VOD, april 3rd. Marc-Aurèle Vecchione , Orel as...Read more

Paper cut London #video


3500 paper cuts

Phil Evans is a craftsman. He works with cameras, capturing skateboarders since 20 years. He's not your average videast, he likes to...Read more

Tim Marsh #interview


translation to come Parisien et beaucoup plus...

Tim Marsh a 33 ans et vit plusieurs vies, à plusieurs endroits. Actuellement en Espagne, il était...Read more

#LostintheSwell -> LE new movie


PARADIS PERDU , the movie

Le paradis perdu (The lost paradise) is the name of the new movie by Ewen, Aurel and Ronan...Read more

Drew Brophy #SurfLifestyle


translation to come "Nobody cares how good it is if it's not done"

Drew Brophy , le Godfather, le parrain, le chef. On parle...Read more

Céline Chat #CostaRica 3/3


Art on the road

Perspectives Last part of Céline Chat 's Costa Rica vacation. She summed up her travel and meets, and wish them good luck,...Read more

#Jacques #phonochose


Music, thingies & more

French electronic musician Jacques is more than weird. Not only because he has the craziest haircut you can imagine...Read more

#LostintheSwell Gabon teaser


Lost in Gabon

Watch out! This is the first taste of Aurel, Ewen and Ronan 's trip to Gabon . They spent a couple of months...Read more

Céline Chat #CostaRica 2/3


Art on the road Pura Vida

Second episode of Céline Chat 's Costa Rica travel. She met several people and worked with them...Read more

#LostintheSwell #Gabon| 3/3

[En attendant la web-serie, les trois Bretons de Lost in the Swell se sont confiés sur un blog mis en place par la marque Oxbow ,...Read more

Céline Chat #CostaRica 1/3


Art on the road Surfing, exploring and sharing in Costa Rica

Céline Chat , french surfer artist, just came back from a family trip to Costa...Read more

#LostintheSwell #Gabon | 2/3

[En attendant la web-serie, les trois Bretons de Lost in the Swell se sont confiés sur un blog mis en place par la marque Oxbow, qui...Read more

#LostintheSwell #Gabon | 1/3



[Extrait] Les trois Bretons Ewen, Aurel et Ronan du collectif Lost in the Swell ont parcouru les côtes de l'Afrique de l'Ouest pour dénicher des...Read more

Louis Lescure in Hawaii – 3/3


Artwork around

Lanikila is born and raised in the North Shore. He's 60 years old, well-known and appreciated by locals. Always with his bicycle and his belongings,...Read more

Music skit with Soy Panday


Saturday's music

Soy Panday did a mixtape for the skate website Jenkem . It's quiet, sometimes kinda loud, and another way to discover...Read more