Ten +!

The Star Wax crew just celebrated its eleventh year of existence. Star Wax is a magazine dedicated to (only good) music, mostly vinyl-based. The publication is available for free, and Marcos is the one handling the adventure with great passion, and accompanied by a small, dedicated crew.

Posca has collaborated with the non-profit organization a few times before. Free expression walls during parties but most importantly the exclusive vinyl. A few more times, Marcos and his friends have organized remixing contests, during which the selected stems were thrown online for everybody to Pro Tools the hell out of, according to their respective inspirations, hoping to win the right to get space for their track on the eventual, almighty record.

All the while Posca would organize drawing contests inside a round figure, in order to select a winner for them to get their illustrations printed on both sides of said record. Emulation in creation.

The last winner to date being Cubi, a clever, cool guy we’ve interviewed!

Here’s the video of said 11th anniversary, aboard the Barboteur, and featuring nothing but good vibes.