Native of Bilbao, Rixo Richi was last summer on the Sopelana beach for the GromSearch. When not riding the waves, the confirmed surfer spends his time drawing. Spooky and disturbing characters live in Rixo’s imagination. Although he admits that drawing helps release en excess of energy, his aggressive pirates and violent samurais are the opposite of his calm and composed nature. Apparently he can’t show us everything, but says his drawings also satisfy certain fantasies!

Rixo still feels like a teenager and admits to enjoying his free lifestyle. For the time being he isn’t too preoccupied by the future and takes things as they come. “I do what I have to do, and if I get bored, I head to the beach!” He does admit to spending several hours per day drawing, and colors seems to be one of his major concerns. “Finding the right color is difficult, it seems to change depending on mood and daily influence, not easy to remain consistent…”

Although he has never set a foot in the country, Rixo feels drawn to Japan. “The greatest and most influential movie of all times must be Seven Samurai. I was young at the time and it wasn’t even an action movie, yet the flow, the characters and the slow motion fascinated me. For sure what I preferred was the slow-motion…”

Having nothing else to do, Rixo decided it was time to hit some waves.